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Friends he met in Nepal

William Mcaleese (willmcaleese@googlemail.com)
mer. 02/09/09 16:22
À :
Dear Nina and Fatima

I have just received your email via Joao Tajara. Firstly I would like you to know how concerned we were when we first heard of Gabriels disappearance and of course how hurt we were when we learned of his death.

We met Gabriel in Nepal whilst trekking in Nepal on the Annapurna circuit and pretty much saw each other eveyday until we finally got over the pass of 5416m. He loved the whole thing and was completely in his element. I remember when were coming down the other side, he was running down like a big kid because he loved the snow so much. Gabriel was always pushing that little harder to go that bit higher or finish that little quicker.

Me, my girlfriend Tamar and her sister Rotem spent nights talking together and reliving the days trekking and mulling over life in general. We were so looking forward to him coming to England aswell.

We will miss the charasmatic Gabriel Buchmann. God bless

We are so sorry for your loss

William Mcaleese

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